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Women choose organic products for hair


Shampoos, sprays, masks: the coolest products for this summer's hair.
The newest hair products have turned into superfoods: compositions, formulas, bottle design, packaging composition - everything speaks about awareness and care not only about hair, but also about ecology. How to respond to this trend and how effective it is in general in hair care and color preservation, Kommersant Style finds out.

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First you need to decide what exactly summer hair care is different from winter. It is clear that in general both the air is drier and the sun burns, the lucky ones spoil the hair on the ocean shore, the less happy ones are in chlorinated pools, but the fact remains: now it is necessary to deal with the condition of hair almost more carefully than in winter. Darina Kulakova, stylist, coach of the Aveda brand, believes that the main mistake in the summer is not to look after hair in general. She advises introducing indelible hair and scalp care products into the beauty ration. “They contain components that will protect the hair, restore and moisturize - this is absolutely necessary for everyone. If you are not a fan of styling, but at the same time you want luxurious curls or, on the contrary, you often pull out - include indelible thermo sprays that will protect your hair from exposure to hot air or slider, ”says Darina.

Another point of view is to maximally saturate the hair with moisture, just as we try to drink those same canonical two liters of water a day. Alexander Reshetov, Redken technologist, says: “We must not only moisturize, but also retain moisture in the hair. It is best suited for this care products with lipids or their derivatives. It is advisable to use shampoo, which is called soft - sulfate-free or with a low content of sulfates. This is due to the fact that sulfates can contribute to the rapid loss of moisture. "

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All these rules work for all hair types. As for the painted ones, there is a story here. “They lack natural UV filters,” says Alexander. “Like natural pigments and natural lipid layers. Such hairs need not only additional care, but also protection. Wear hats! No modern polymers from indelible cosmetics will not replace them. "

And a warning to lovers of travel or sudden overnight stays outside the home: the abuse of dry shampoos and powders for the basal volume to the good your hair will not bring. “These products contain adsorbents that pull moisture out of the hair. And if they are ideal for creating styling, they are not suitable as a daily ritual, ”Alexander warns.

How realistic is it to achieve beautiful hair and fulfill all these stylist tips with organic products? There is no definite answer to this question, but there are still some general rules. It is worth trusting proven manufacturers, carefully study the compositions of products, apply them regularly and not wait for an instant effect: organic cosmetics acts gradually.

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