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The Falcon 9 rocket was launched with a satellite to search for exoplanets

Science, Space

SpaceX launched from the Cape Canaveral rocket carrier Falcon 9 with the satellite NASA - TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), designed to search for Earth-like planets outside the solar system.
The launch was broadcasted on the company's website.

The company expects that in the course of a two-year mission, the TESS apparatus will search for more than 200,000 stars to search for exoplanets. Its task is to find on their bright background tiny spots that can turn out to be planets.

TESS includes four telescopes with 16.8-megapixel matrixes operating in the spectral range from 600 to 1000 nanometers. Once in 27 days the telescope will change the observation zone and for two years, presumably, will create a map covering 85% of the entire celestial sphere.

This advantageously differs from the telescope "Kepler", which became the main source of data on planets outside the solar system in the past years.

Later SpaceX reported that the first stage of the Falcon 9 booster successfully landed on the barge "Of Course, I Still Love You" in the Atlantic Ocean. With the return of the first stages, the company plans to reduce the cost of launches.

Earlier, owner of SpaceX businessman Ilon Mask told in his Twitter that he intended to return the second stage of the carrier rocket. At the same time, the entrepreneur wants to do it on "balloons".

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