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Instructions for getting rid of the vascular mesh on the face and body

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A pronounced vascular mesh on the face and body, which cosmetics manufacturers often call couperose, is a fairly common problem. The fact is that millions of tiny capillaries supply our skin with blood, and for various reasons some of them can expand, grow and become visible. In other words, they begin to cope poorly with their function.
Most often, the intention to get rid of visible capillaries on the face and body is associated with the desire to see your skin healthy and fresh. Although the appearance of the vascular network is a more serious problem: almost always with age, it progresses under the influence of external and internal factors, which ultimately can lead to unpleasant consequences. Violation of the barrier functions of the skin, reduction of local immunity and the development of inflammatory processes - something that should be feared by noticing a grid of small vessels on the face.

Causes of

Most often, the development of rosacea disease, which contributes to the growth of small capillaries, leads to the appearance of a mesh. The reasons for this process are still not fully understood. Experts suggest that the appearance of the vascular network is directly affected:

- Lifestyle;
- genetic predisposition;
- excessive insolation;
- endocrine diseases;
- vascular endothelial growth factor (a diagnostic study will help here);
- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
- improper nutrition;
- abuse of spicy, hot and alcohol.

Vascular stars on the face do not necessarily indicate the presence of the disease. Sometimes they are caused by photo-aging of the skin, which signals the need to enhance additional protection from the sun and reduce hours spent under ultraviolet radiation. It happens that cause hormonal changes, for example, during pregnancy.

How to get rid of rosacea

Treatment of rosacea always requires an integrated approach: the use of local drugs, injections and a laser. If we talk about efficiency, then primacy, clearly, for various hardware techniques, which are now very much. However, it is important to understand that only a highly qualified doctor can work with a laser and, preferably, after the patient has passed the necessary tests.

- BBL photorejuvenation. The procedure is carried out on the apparatus Sciton, which is a multifunctional platform. The BBL laser beam instantly heats and seals the vessel, due to which the grid is absorbed. By the way, it is used not only for the elimination of rosacea, but also for the treatment of acne, the elimination of pigmentary pathologies and the removal of unwanted hair.

- Vbeam Candela Perfecta laser vascular removal. It is designed specifically for the treatment of vascular pathology and is especially recommended for those who struggle with pronounced cases of rosacea. In addition, this laser is used to rejuvenate the skin and remove pigmentary pathologies. Due to the cooling system, the procedure practically does not cause any pain, therefore it is suitable for patients of any age with hypersensitive skin.

The choice of a particular method usually depends on the source data. For example, those who notice a slight redness and the appearance of blood vessels on the face due to temperature changes, especially in winter and summer, will be perfect for BBL. To get rid of this type of vascular mesh, you need to complete a course of 3-4 procedures, which are held every two weeks. Further once a year, supporting procedures will be required.

Vascular mesh on the legs

For the treatment of vessels located on the body, it will take more time and effort. First of all, you need to visit a phlebologist, who will make an ultrasound of the affected area and confirm that the treatment will be safe. A serious contraindication can be thrombophlebitis, preventing the free flow of blood and causing inflammation. In addition, sometimes the state of the vessels is so neglected that it is already useless to clean them - after the procedure they will return to their place again.

Larger vessels phlebologists often cleaned by surgery or with sclerotherapy. For this purpose, a special preparation is injected into them, which causes the vessel walls to stick together and further resorb them.

Those who want to get rid of small "stars" on their feet, also worth patience - they can dissolve up to two months after the procedure. In this case, a second visit to the doctor is recommended only after a month and a half, so that progress can be traced.

Care after the procedure

During hardware procedures, the skin itself is not damaged, since the laser works directly with the vessel. However, such exposure may cause redness, small bruises and swelling the next day. You should not be afraid - you need to wait 2-3 days to complete healing.

During the entire period of treatment it is strictly prohibited:

- sunbathe in order to avoid burns during the procedure;

- take some drugs that increase skin photosensitivity (for example, systemic retinoids, antibacterial drugs, antibiotics).

Home care

Vascular growths can be removed at any age. If adolescents have spider veins, doctors recommend removing them to avoid further growth of the network of capillaries. However, without the right home care to cope with the problem will be extremely difficult.

Those who are determined to control rosacea need:

1. Regularly use sunscreen not only on vacation, but also in the city.

2. Use sparing means with mild surfactants for delicate washing, which do not overdry the skin.

3. Exclude from home care products with abrasive particles (scrubs, washing gels, etc.).

4. Do not wash with hot water and avoid temperature fluctuations - abandon the bath, protect the skin in the cold, do not use ice for skin care.

5. Pick up from the beautician effective cosmetics with active substances that inhibit the growth of blood vessels.

It is important to note that cosmetics and drugs that are safe for rosacea, have light textures, do not have strong fragrances and contain substances that restore the lipid barrier of the skin. Excessive dryness on the face caused by improper home care can affect the development of the vascular network. One way or another, noticing it, do not panic. You can watch the vessels for some time, and if they persist, sign up for a consultation at a cosmetology clinic.

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