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Instruction on self-care for a beard

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The basic principles of care and the secrets of choosing a beard shape are described by the founder of the Barber Expert Academy and Wall Street hairdresser Sergey Rudnitsky.
Daily cleansing

The key to well-groomed facial hair is proper daily cleansing. To avoid such troubles as skin irritation, beard dander and peeling, you need to give it only five minutes in the morning and in the evening.

For daily care, you can use a regular gel for washing: rinsing the beard with water alone is not enough. It is recommended to wash it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and clean it with a special shampoo at least once or twice a week. Moreover, this is not the same remedy as shampoo for the head. After all, facial hair is different from head hair, like skin.

Beard shampoos are made taking into account the features of the delicate skin of the lower part of the face, while most products for the head contain aggressive surfactants (surfactants. - “RBC Style”). They can dry the skin in the area of hair growth, cause peeling and the notorious dandruff. And special products gently cleanse the skin and work to soften the beard.

Hair needs nourishment and regular care. On the face they are always tougher than on the head, it is difficult for them to give the right shape. Therefore, the question of caring for a beard is a question of not only softening the hair, but also of a neat appearance. Cosmetic oil, balms and masks come to the rescue here. It sounds complicated, but in fact, everything is much simpler.

In the morning, apply cosmetic oil to the beard, rubbing one or two drops in the palms.
Once a week at night, you can apply a mask or balm to the beard. Rinse off in the morning.
A haircut

Regardless of the length, do not forget that at least occasionally the beard needs to be refreshed with a haircut.

This will help:

Trimmer. It allows you to choose the right hair length and not spoil the shape, accidentally shaving something extra.
Clipper. The principle of operation is similar to the trimmer. The difference is how long to remove. For longer hair it is more convenient to use the machine.
Do not forget about the details:

To make the beard look complete, you should determine the line of the mustache on the upper lip and make sure that it is clear.

How to choose the right shape

The beard can take completely different forms - there are much more of them than is commonly believed: oval, wedge-shaped, wide, narrow, trapezoid shape, scapula, "frill". And her names can be no less bizarre: balbo, sail, skipper or "goat". When designing a beard and mustache, barbers take into account the shape of the face. The same criterion should be guided by every man who wants to maintain the form that suits him the most.

Holders of a round face fit a beard from temple to temple or trapezoidal, and also "goat". The mustache is worth wearing a medium size, which will visually lengthen the face.

With a triangular shape of the face, you can visually expand its lower part so that the chin appears more massive. A beard in the shape of a square or a horseshoe can handle this.

For those with an oblong face shape, a rounded horseshoe beard or regular tanks are suitable. The goal is to visually expand the face. It is strongly not recommended to use goatee or goatee, as they visually stretch the face.

For owners of an oval face, there are no restrictions - you can experiment as you wish.

The square shape of the face is suitable for a beard, which will give a slight roundness, narrowing the weighty lower part.

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