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How to properly tan and keep healthy skin


It does not matter, the sun outside the window or clouds - the season of heightened meteo-danger has come. Excessive exposure to the sun and the truth is not the best effect on the skin - and this is not a myth, but a proven fact.
The most important issues in the protection of the sun lie in the plane of the need to use all these creams, serums, sprays and gels. The average woman is in a panic, how to fit all this into her usual routine, what can we say about a strong half of humanity. When all this is applied, will not the pores get clogged up (the most common misconception), then how the makeup will behave, whether I will remain pale - there is a whole stream of nuances. It is necessary to heed the advice of experts and choose for themselves the best solution.

When should I start using sun protection agents?

• It is worth updating the application every two hours if you are in the open sun.

• SPF-remedy can be erased from the skin in contact with sand, sea or fresh water, in contact with a towel, clothing.

• For a city, a cream with SPF-15 is suitable; for hot countries and in ski resorts, choose SPF-30 and SPF-50.

• Try to avoid exposure to the sun from 12 to 16 hours.

• Use a hat with a large brim.

If pigment spots have already appeared, is it worth applying protection?

Be sure to not to aggravate the situation, to prevent even greater darkening of the skin. But in addition to using sun protection, you also need to find out the reason why pigmentation appears on your skin. This may be due to the disruption of certain organs and body systems, the onset of pregnancy, or simply because of the irrational use of SPF-remedies (for example, when it is applied in insufficient quantities and irregularly).

Does sunscreen cause the formation of acne?

If the skin is prone to dryness or does not particularly bother, you can use a universal remedy (hair-body-face). Another thing, if the skin is prone to fat: it is better to buy a separate cream, so that it matted the skin and was not comedogenic. UV rays have an immunosuppressive effect on the skin and can aggravate the clinical situation with acne.

Should I abandon the usual means in favor of Sanskrin?

You should not refuse, it is better to combine, for example, mix the serum or cream with a protective agent, but it is important to look at the composition, so that there is no conflict of ingredients.

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