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Experts gave tips on normalizing sleep

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Lack of positive emotions, bad weather, stress at work interfere with sleep and recovery in a good mood. We tell what solutions can change this.
Do not neglect to sleep. Many business people tend to attribute this time to wasted, while deep sleep is important not only for good health, but also for productivity, the ability to think outside the box and develop will.

Here are a few steps to help make your sleep better.

Adjust mode

Our inner rhythms need consistency. That is why the strategy of “getting up in the middle of the week at six and two days to sleep before noon” is a failure: most likely, in that case you will feel overwhelmed both on weekdays and on weekends. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time. In this case, the body will get used in a few months, even if this time is earlier.

Try to go to bed early

The number of hours required for a good rest is different for everyone: it is determined by genes, age, season and other factors. Someone is enough for six, others are not enough for nine. What works equally for everyone is a better quality sleep until midnight. It is at this time that the body effectively produces melatonin and the brain rests better. Sleep from midnight to three in the morning is also important: at this time collagen is actively produced, which is important for the elasticity of muscles and skin.

Work to eliminate stress

Familiar feeling when you are exhausted during the day, but so tired that you can not sleep? As a rule, the cause is stress. One of the effective methods of dealing with it is meditation. No, we do not propose to sing "Om" and light aromatic lamps. Modern meditation, as a rule, is devoid of the esoteric component, and the benefits of it (not only for a good sleep, but also for improving the quality of life in general) have been proven by clinical studies. To start meditating, use one of the telephone applications, such as Calm or Headspace.

Use natural remedies

Another way to reduce stress and improve sleep is to use naturopathy. For the general calm, drink chamomile or mint tea in the evening. If you do not have allergies, add a spoonful of honey to it: it also helps to calm the nervous system and take the stress off the psyche (first of all it concerns lemon balm and boiled honey). Lavender oil relaxes and relieves anxiety, providing fast falling asleep and sound sleep. A warm bath with soothing essential oils is also a proven way to relax.

Ensure comfort in the bedroom

Buy thick curtains so that the illumination from the street does not prevent you from resting. Only in the absence of light and external stimuli can you sleep deeply and fully. Choose a suitable mattress: too hard can break the blood circulation, and too soft causes the spine to unnaturally sag. Find a middle ground: the mattress should repeat the curves of the body, but not allow it to “fall through.” Watch for air quality in the bedroom. The optimum level of humidity in the room is 40–60%, it prevents dryness of the mucous membranes and the spread of bacteria and viruses. In conditions of the city and during the heating season, it is necessary to use climatic equipment with a humidifying function, for example, a humidifier, a climate complex or an air wash. Professional sensors and a four-level filtration system will help you breathe at home, not only humid, but also clean air. The optimum temperature for a bedroom is 18-22 ° C.

Use a modern alarm clock

Awakening with a regular alarm clock - stress for the body. The sound alarm does not take into account which phase of activity the human brain is in and requires its immediate awakening even during the deepest phase of sleep. With a sharp awakening, the body does not have time to wake up due to the high content of the hormone melatonin. As a result, during the day there is a lack of energy and good mood.

Nature is designed so that we wake up naturally - from the sun's rays, giving a signal to the brain through the closed eyelids. On this principle, the work of the light alarm Wake-Up Light. In general, this is a complete gadget that provides optimal conditions for sleep. In the evening, it mimics the sunset, includes a soft sound background, helps relieve tension - it all helps to sleep and rest all night. In the morning, some time before waking up, the device begins to imitate the dawn, gradually changing the light and its intensity. By the time the alarm light fills the room, your chosen sound of nature or your favorite radio station will complete the awakening. So the body will have the opportunity to tune in to wake up, and you will join a new day rested and refreshed.

Spend time outdoors

In the cold season, we are tempted to get out from under a blanket or rug only for the sake of cases of exceptional importance. In the mode of one relaxed week, it sounds like an excellent plan, but in the long run it faces problems: decrease in tone, depressed mood and insomnia. Try even on frosty days to find a reason for a 20-30-minute walk. To motivate yourself, attract a like-minded person, download interesting podcasts that are pleasant to listen to alone, or use this time for dynamic meditation.

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