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Citizens of Australia voted for the legalization of gay marriages in a referendum

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Australia followed the example of other developed countries.
In Australia, announced the results of the referendum on the legalization of same-sex marriage. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 61% of referendum participants voted in favor of gay marriage, against 38%.

The referendum was held in the form of a postal survey and lasted about two months - from September 12 to November 7. The survey involved more than 12.7 million people, or 79.5% of those with the right to vote.

Hundreds of people in Melbourne and Sydney celebrated the results of the referendum. At the next stage, Australian legislation should be amended to legalize gay marriages. The relevant draft laws are planned to be submitted to the parliament in the near future.

The government expects that they will be adopted before the end of the year.

Unisex marriages are legalized, as of November 2017, in more than 20 countries (in the UK and Mexico - not in all regions). In 2017, laws came into force that legalize same-sex marriages in Finland and Germany.

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