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Astronomers began searching for aliens in a million stars of the Milky Way

Science, Space

Participants in the Breakthrough Listen project began searching for signals from the extraterrestrial intelligence, watching immediately a million stars inside the disk of the Milky Way.
The press service of the fund Breakthrough Initiatives reports.

"Now we have the opportunity to" sift "the huge data sets and look at them the traces of advanced civilizations is our hope that we can prove that our planet is not only the world of the Milky Way, where there is intelligent life." - Danny Price said (Danny Price), project manager from the University of Berkeley (USA).

At the end of July 2015 the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and the late British cosmologist Stephen Hawking has launched the initiative Breakthrough Listen, in which businessman will allocate $ 100 million to support the project Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which will be built on the basis of developments SETI.

Over the past three years, scientists and engineers Breakthrough Listen established they have developed devices to search for extraterrestrial life in the American telescope the GBT, his Australian "cousin" in Parkes Observatory, and enlisted the support of the scientific team of the largest telescope of the world, the FAST, built in China two years ago.

A year ago, the Breakthrough Listen members talked about the results of the first attempt to find alien signals, in which scientists watched the seven hundred nearest stars to us. In total, astronomers were able to find about a dozen "suspicious" signal, but they are, according to the observers themselves, were bred by natural processes in stars or in their immediate surroundings.

This failure did not scare away the scientists, and now the project participants started a new series of observations, the scale of which this time was expanded by several orders of magnitude. The next update of the Parks telescope, conducted within the framework of the Breakthrough Listen, allows him to simultaneously record radio signals from several million luminaries, and to distinguish between their sources.

This was made possible thanks to the fact that now the observatory is equipped with 13 individual radio receivers, each of which can be set to receive the signal from the different points of the night sky and the simultaneous processing of more than 100 million radio channels.

In total, the Parks observatory will allocate about 1500 hours for these observations, as a result of which scientists will gather almost 100 petabytes of data, in which traces of the existence of intelligent aliens may be hidden. Only a small part of these data, due to their huge volume, will be preserved after the initial processing.

In addition to the arms of the Galaxy, the participants of the Breakthrough Listen will also observe the stars in its central part, where, as some astronomers believe today, life should not exist because of frequent supernova explosions. As Price and his like-minded people hope, their experiments will help to check whether this is in fact or not.

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