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54.8% of Americans change their appearance due to work

Society, USA

Scientists at the Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) learned the motives for encouraging people to resort to cosmetic procedures.
The most popular procedures performed by the survey participants were injections of Botox (32.3%) and fillers (18.4%) and removal of pigment spots on the skin (16.6%). Other procedures include skin tightening, removal of scars after acne, eyelid surgery, cellulite reduction, and others (a survey was conducted on 16 procedures). The study involved 511 people, 270 of whom did cosmetic procedures at least two times.

The main reasons for the intervention were the desire to solve health and body problems (for example, to remove scars), feel happy or confident (67.2%), make a gift to oneself (61.3%). There were also those who resorted to the help of surgeons and cosmetologists for the sake of work - 54.8% said they did the procedures to look better in front of colleagues. At the same time, a third of them (26.8%) answered that eliminating imperfections makes them more competitive in the labor market.

In the era of social networks, some patients resort to procedures that help to look good in photographs. For example, those who injected Botox (30.9%), liposuction (25%) and mechanical face peeling (25%) indicated this desire for their top 5 reasons for the correction of appearance.

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