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A third of EU residents face fake news every day
EU, Society
37% of Europeans every day or almost every day face fake news that distort reality or spread false information.
A quarter of all prisoners in Japan are over 60 years of age
Japan, Prison, Society
Older Japanese go to jail mainly because of loneliness and poverty, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. And the most common offense among them is petty theft from shops.
European youth do not believe in God
EU, Religion, Society
According to researchers, Christianity in Europe is gone.
The Playboy model told the details of the affair with Trump
Trump, USA
The Playboy model Karen McDougall told details of his intimate relationship with US President Donald Trump.
Scientists told about the appearance of water on Mars
Science, USA
Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley found that the volcanic activity on Mars led to the formation of the ocean on the planet about 3.7 billion years ago.
Messages with bomb threats received more than 400 schools in the UK
Society, UK, USA
The unknown sent messages to more than 400 British schools and colleges with the threat of blowing them up if he were not transferred money.
On the ISS will be engaged in the regeneration of water
Russia, Science, USA
In the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) will test a new system for obtaining water from urine.
Canadians are not used to keeping weapons at home
Army, Canada, Weapon
Only 13% of Canadians keep weapons at home. In neighboring US this figure is twice as high - almost 27%.
The British prescribed less calories
Society, UK
The UK government called for a 20% reduction in the calorie content of food products.
Russian hockey team wins the Olympics for the first time in 26 years
Germany, Ice Hockey, Olympics, Russia, Sport
In a dramatic final, the Russians beat Germany in overtime.
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