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Prosecutor of New York Eric Schneiderman resigned
Officials, Society, USA
Immediately four women accused him of beatings.
"Hubble" photographed one of the most distant clusters of galaxies
Science, Space
Orbital observatory "Hubble" received photos of a giant cluster of galaxies RXC J0032.1 + 1808 in the constellation Pisces, which is among the 40 most remote and ancient "families" of stars in the surrounding Universe.
China creates a rocket with a reusable first stage
China, Science, Space
China plans in 2020 to launch its first rocket with a reusable first stage.
Published the latest work of Stephen Hawking about the paradox of the Multiverse
Science, Space
The last scientific article of the English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (1942-2018), which he completed work on a week before his death, was published on Wednesday in the scientific edition of the Journal of High Energy Physics.
US successfully tested a nuclear reactor for the development of the Moon and Mars
Science, Space, USA
NASA and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (engaged in nuclear technology) have successfully tested the compact nuclear reactor Kilopower, designed for lunar and Mars manned missions.
Astronomers are developing a plan to detect the signal of extraterrestrial intelligence
Science, Space
The question "How should the public be informed in the event that the Earth receives a signal from other intelligent beings in the universe?" already for a long time engaged in an international group of scientists.
The Westworld was completely wild
Society, TV series
The second season of the fantastic series "World of the Wild West" began with a mountain of corpses.
The largest object in the universe was found
Science, Space
An international group of astronomers discovered a group of 14 colliding galaxies that are more than 12 billion light-years distant from the Earth.
ESA created the most detailed three-dimensional map of the Galaxy
EU, Science, Space
The European Space Agency (ESA) has created the most detailed three-dimensional map of our galaxy in human history.
Astronomers have found a connection between the shape of galaxies and their age
Science, Space
Scientists for the first time managed to prove that with age, galaxies become more spherical.
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