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China will launch a satellite on the dark side of the moon this weekend
China, Science, Space
The national space administration of the People's Republic of China plans to launch a unique communication satellite "Quetziao" this weekend.
The production of bitcoin "eats" 0.5% of electricity on Earth
Crypto-currency, Science
Approximately 0.5% of the global capacity of power plants today goes to the work of bitcoins and the production of other types of crypto-currency, which is equivalent to the energy budget of a small European country.
NASA astronauts have performed work to replace equipment on the outside of the ISS
ISS, Science, Space
NASA astronauts Andrew Foistel and Richard Arnold completed the spacewalk on Wednesday, carrying out maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS).
Astronomers have found new traces of active geysers in Europe
Science, Space
An analysis of the data collected by the Galileo probe in 1997 helped planetary scientists find yet another proof that there are active geysers in Europe, the satellite of Jupiter.
The existence of other universes with reasonable forms of life is proved
Science, Space
An international group of scientists came to the conclusion that in the Multiverse there must exist other universes inhabited by living beings with other values ​​of the cosmological constant.
The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket sat on a platform in the Atlantic ocean
Science, Space
The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket of the new generation made a successful landing on the platform in the Atlantic Ocean, the broadcast of the launch and landing of the first stage is conducted by the company SpaceX.
Astronomers began searching for aliens in a million stars of the Milky Way
Science, Space
Participants in the Breakthrough Listen project began searching for signals from the extraterrestrial intelligence, watching immediately a million stars inside the disk of the Milky Way.
The Rockefeller Collection will be sold
Christie's, Society, USA
Auction Christie's in New York can collect up to $ 1 billion.
Scientists accused the Moon of killing human cells and changing DNA
Science, Space
American scientists from the University of Stony Brook University School of Medicine came to the conclusion that prolonged exposure to lunar dust can be very dangerous for human health.
Washington Capitals is far gone
Hockey, NHL, Sport, USA
The club made its way into the third round of the Stanley Cup, beating the "Pittsburgh Penguins".
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