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Astronomers have named 121 planets on whose moons life can hide
Science, Space
Lunas over a hundred giant planets orbiting around distant stars can support life in the form in which it exists on Earth.
Astronaut NASA ordered pizza from space
Science, Space
NASA astronaut Michael Massimino admitted that he once ordered a pizza home right from the space shuttle. He told about this during the show of the documentary series "One Strange Rock".
The first inhabitants of Mars will have to abandon children and sex
Science, Space
Any plans for the colonization of Mars in the near future will require a significant sacrifice from the colonists - a total refusal to continue the genus and any intimate relationships, if this is necessary for the survival of their entire collective.
NASA named the qualities required for the future colonist of Mars
Science, Space
Psychologists from the Lyndon Johnson Space Center named the qualities needed for those wishing to fly to Mars as part of the NASA mission.
German prosecutors sold confiscated crypto-currency for $ 14 million
Crypto-currency, Germany
Because of concerns about the further decline in the value of digital money, the Bavarian prosecutor's office sold confiscated bitcoins and other crypto-currencies worth € 12 million (about $ 14 million at the exchange rate as of May 29).
Scientists SETI create a universal language for communicating with aliens
Science, Space
Leading astronomers and linguists are planning to develop a kind of universal language of humanity, maximally adapted for understanding by potential representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence.
The cargo ship Cygnus successfully docked to the ISS
ISS, Science, Space
The cargo ship Cygnus successfully docked to the International Space Station (ISS).
Astrophysicist predicted what will happen after the death of mankind
Science, Space
Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel suggested that the sky will be visible to the inhabitants of the Milky Way in ten billion years, after mankind is killed by the Big Bang.
Ilon Mask showed a spaceship for the delivery of tourists to the moon
Science, Space
The founder of the company SpaceX Ilon Mask presented photos of the new ship Dragon V2, designed to deliver space tourists to the moon.
ISS will become the coldest place in the universe
ISS, Science, Space
NASA sent equipment to the ISS for extreme cooling of matter. The Cold Atom Laboratory project is designed to reach a temperature that is 10 billion times lower than the vacuum temperature.
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