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Even beer is ruining people
Alcohol, EU, Medicine, USA
A new study showed that alcohol is harmful in any amount.
54.8% of Americans change their appearance due to work
Society, USA
Scientists at the Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) learned the motives for encouraging people to resort to cosmetic procedures.
Monsanto ordered to pay $ 289 million cancer-affected American
Medicine, USA
The California jury granted Dwayne Johnson's claim for compensation for damage from cancer, which, according to the plaintiff, was caused by the weed killer Monsanto.
Japan successfully launched a new reconnaissance satellite
Japan, Science, Space
The heavy H-2A missile launched on Tuesday from the Tanegashima space center in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima successfully launched a new optical satellite, Optical 6, into orbit.
Astronomers have found mysterious objects near the black hole in the center of the Galaxy
Science, Space
Astrophysicists found in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way some very strange objects, similar to clouds of gas, but behaving like stars.
NASA scientists found "ancient organic" on the bottom of a parched lake on Mars
The Curiosity rover made two terrific discoveries on Mars. He managed to confirm that the levels of methane in his atmosphere vary greatly with the onset of winter and summer, and find traces of ancient organic matter on the bottom of a parched lake.
In Scotland began to treat cryptependency
Crypto-currency, Scotland
Scottish Rehabilitation Clinic Castle Craig Hospital, specializing in treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to all types of gambling, has developed a curative course on crypto-currency dependence.
UAE selected candidates for the creation of a detachment of astronauts
Science, Space
The Space Center of Mohammed bin Rashid in the UAE selected 95 people to form the first in the history of the country a detachment of astronauts.
Astronomers have discovered a rare system of four gravitationally connected eclipsing stars
Science, Space
The inhabitants of the Earth are used to the fact that every morning in the sky only one sun rises. An international group of astronomers discovered a system consisting of two pairs of gravitationally connected stars, so that one of the local exoplanets, if any, in the sky can be seen at once four "suns."
The probe "Hayabusa-2" began rapprochement with the asteroid Ryugu
Japan, Science, Space
The Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 successfully completed the last series of maneuvers and overclocking procedures, which brought it to the "finish line" on the way to the Ryugu asteroid.
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