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American wedding costs more than $33 thousand
Society, USA, Wedding
The American wedding agency The Knot has submitted an annual report on spending on one of the most important events in the lives of lovers.
The Netherlands was called the narco-state
Drugs, Netherlands, Society
Police are worried about the growth of crime in the country.
Cold from Russia came to France
France, Weather
France is preparing for unprecedented cold days in recent years.
France has new claims to Airbnb
Airbnb, Business, France
Service threatens to court for tens of thousands of illegal ads.
Russian athletes will perform at the Olympic Games under the white flag
Olympics, Russia, Society
The State Duma of Russia did not recommend athletes to miss the 2018 Olympics.
Germany does not believe in credit cards
EU, Germany, Society
Germans prefer to carry cash with them.
Switzerland returns the money stolen by the dictator
Nigeria, Society, Switzerland
It's about $ 321 million on the accounts of the family of former Nigerian President Sani Abacha.
Europe promises more Muslims by 2050
EU, Society
According to Pew Research, their share in the population will be from 7% to 14%.
Jazz star John Hendricks died at the age of 96
Hendricks, Jazz, Society, USA
The singer and songwriter died in a New York hospital.
Russia confirms: Large amounts of ruthenium-106 released
Russia, Science
The measured in September and October in Germany radioactivity came from Russia.
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