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Instruction on self-care for a beard
Beauty, Cosmetics, Society
The basic principles of care and the secrets of choosing a beard shape are described by the founder of the Barber Expert Academy and Wall Street hairdresser Sergey Rudnitsky.
5 important reasons to beware of chronic fatigue
Health, Medicine, Society
We call five important reasons not to be a workaholic and to fight for your rest with all our might.
The expert talked about the effect of tea on osteoporosis
Business, Europe, Health
The head of the British tea company Newby Teas Nirmal Kumar Sethiya - about the quality of tea, varieties worth millions of dollars and the relationship between tea and osteoporosis.
Experts gave tips on normalizing sleep
Cosmetology, Health, Society, Technology
Lack of positive emotions, bad weather, stress at work interfere with sleep and recovery in a good mood. We tell what solutions can change this.
Instructions for getting rid of the vascular mesh on the face and body
Cosmetology, Health, Medicine
A pronounced vascular mesh on the face and body, which cosmetics manufacturers often call couperose, is a fairly common problem. The fact is that millions of tiny capillaries supply our skin with blood, and for various reasons some of them can expand, grow and become visible. In other words, they begin to cope poorly with their function.
Artificial intelligence has learned to bluff
Business, Science, Technology
Specialists at Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University have reached a new stage in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). If earlier he had already defeated people in games such as chess and go, where strategic thinking is required, now the Pluribus bot they have created has defeated professional poker players. The computer not only calculated possible situations, but also deceived rivals when he had to bluff.
Women choose organic products for hair
Shampoos, sprays, masks: the coolest products for this summer's hair.
How to properly tan and keep healthy skin
It does not matter, the sun outside the window or clouds - the season of heightened meteo-danger has come. Excessive exposure to the sun and the truth is not the best effect on the skin - and this is not a myth, but a proven fact.
Russian doctors will often go to prison because of medical errors
Medicine, Prison, Russia
In 2018, the investigative bodies of the Investigation Committee (IC) of the Russian Federation opened more than 2.2 thousand criminal cases related to medical errors.
Teach beauty: anatomical courses for cosmetologists in the heart of Europe
Cosmetology, Europe, Medicine
For four years, the company Medical Esthetic has been organizing anatomical or cadaver courses for cosmetologists at the Anatomical Theater of Charles University in Prague. About them told the head of the company Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova.
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