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Tag archives for: UK.

For a year Burberry destroyed products for £ 28.6 million

Published on 19.07.2018

Comcast raised the offer to purchase Sky to $ 34 billion

Published on 12.07.2018

In Britain the priests decided to abandon the shares of oil companies

Published on 10.07.2018

BP bought the largest operator of a network of electric stations in Great Britain

Published on 28.06.2018

On the London Stock Exchange there was a failure

Published on 07.06.2018

Barclays may consider merging with competitors

Published on 23.05.2018

Sony bought the British EMI and its rights to 2 million songs

Published on 22.05.2018

London can investigate Glencore deals in Congo

Published on 18.05.2018

The CEO of Barclays was fined $870 thousand for the search of the informant

Published on 11.05.2018

Britain accused Syria of secret production of chemical weapons

Published on 07.05.2018