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Tag archives for: Space.

Found a method of measuring permafrost from space

Published on 06.08.2019

Found a way to organize the greenhouse effect on Mars

Published on 23.07.2019

Japan successfully launched a new reconnaissance satellite

Published on 12.06.2018

Astronomers have found mysterious objects near the black hole in the center of the Galaxy

Published on 09.06.2018

UAE selected candidates for the creation of a detachment of astronauts

Published on 06.06.2018

Astronomers have discovered a rare system of four gravitationally connected eclipsing stars

Published on 05.06.2018

The probe "Hayabusa-2" began rapprochement with the asteroid Ryugu

Published on 05.06.2018

Astronomers have named 121 planets on whose moons life can hide

Published on 01.06.2018

Astronaut NASA ordered pizza from space

Published on 31.05.2018

The first inhabitants of Mars will have to abandon children and sex

Published on 30.05.2018