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Tag archives for: Oil.

The cost of Brent crude oil fell by 5%

Published on 16.07.2018

Brent crude oil fell in price by 5%

Published on 11.07.2018

Analysts allowed the possibility of rising oil prices to $ 150 per barrel

Published on 06.07.2018

OPEC + participants allow easing the terms of the agreement with increasing production

Published on 18.06.2018

Venezuela can start refining foreign oil

Published on 14.06.2018

Trump accused OPEC of inflating prices for oil

Published on 13.06.2018

The US could ask OPEC to increase oil production

Published on 05.06.2018

Chinese Sinopec can increase oil imports from the US to a record level

Published on 24.05.2018

Brent oil exceeded $ 79 per barrel

Published on 21.05.2018

The deal OPEC + can be changed against the background of falling production in Venezuela

Published on 21.05.2018