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Tag archives for: Japan.

Japan will spend $ 100 million on artificial intelligence to cope with the shortage of doctors

Published on 12.08.2018

Nissan admitted violations when testing the exhaust of their cars

Published on 09.07.2018

Japan successfully launched a new reconnaissance satellite

Published on 12.06.2018

The probe "Hayabusa-2" began rapprochement with the asteroid Ryugu

Published on 05.06.2018

Japan will impose a ban on anonymous crypto-currencies

Published on 31.05.2018

Japanese crypt-traders earned over $ 900,000 in 2017

Published on 28.05.2018

Coca-Cola released the first alcoholic beverage on the market

Published on 28.05.2018

Toyota protested against higher US import duties on cars

Published on 25.05.2018

Sony bought the British EMI and its rights to 2 million songs

Published on 22.05.2018

The largest bank in Japan will launch its own crypto-currency

Published on 16.05.2018