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Tag archives for: Economy.

EC commenced antitrust investigation of Qatar Petroleum contracts

Published on 21.06.2018

Turkey introduced reciprocal duties on goods from the US

Published on 21.06.2018

The European Commission approved a response to US fees

Published on 20.06.2018

China promised to respond to the threats of Trump about fees for $ 200 billion

Published on 19.06.2018

Trump threatened China with duties for another $ 200 billion

Published on 19.06.2018

OPEC + participants allow easing the terms of the agreement with increasing production

Published on 18.06.2018

Venezuela can start refining foreign oil

Published on 14.06.2018

Trump accused OPEC of inflating prices for oil

Published on 13.06.2018

OPEC has refuted the US request to increase oil production

Published on 12.06.2018

China introduced an anti-dumping reservation for the import of Brazilian chicken meat

Published on 09.06.2018