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Tag archives for: Economic.

10 global trends in green energy

Published on 09.08.2019

The EU called the conditions for the abolition of duties for goods from the USA

Published on 20.06.2018

Oil approached $ 80 per barrel

Published on 15.05.2018

OPEC has raised its estimate of growth in world oil demand in 2018

Published on 14.05.2018

The price of Brent crude oil exceeded $ 76 per barrel for the first time since November 2014

Published on 07.05.2018

Saudi Arabia will spend $ 35 billion on a project to improve the quality of life

Published on 04.05.2018

The US and China prepared conditions for ending the trade war

Published on 04.05.2018

Venezuela loses its oil production

Published on 04.05.2018