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Tag archives for: EU.

Svetlana Larkina: "The future is for biotechnology"

Published on 16.04.2019

Olga Zhukova: “Cosmetologists go to anatomical courses in Prague consciously”

Published on 05.02.2019

Even beer is ruining people

Published on 25.08.2018

Trump announced the readiness of the EU to build 11 ports for receiving gas from the US

Published on 31.07.2018

Nestle finally lost its monopoly on the shape of the KitKat bars

Published on 25.07.2018

European Commission fined four machinery manufacturers for € 111 million

Published on 24.07.2018

EU countries supported the restriction of steel imports

Published on 06.07.2018

The EU warned the US about the "pernicious" effect of automobile taxes on GDP

Published on 02.07.2018

Uber through the court regained a license to work in London

Published on 26.06.2018

BMW will not give up its businesses in Britain because of Brexit

Published on 26.06.2018