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Tag archives for: Auto.

Nissan admitted violations when testing the exhaust of their cars

Published on 09.07.2018

The EU warned the US about the "pernicious" effect of automobile taxes on GDP

Published on 02.07.2018

BP bought the largest operator of a network of electric stations in Great Britain

Published on 28.06.2018

BMW will not give up its businesses in Britain because of Brexit

Published on 26.06.2018

German court fined Volkswagen for € 1 billion because of "dieselgate"

Published on 13.06.2018

Toyota protested against higher US import duties on cars

Published on 25.05.2018

China announced the reduction of import duties on imports of cars and parts

Published on 22.05.2018

Geely may plan to hold an IPO Volvo in autumn 2018

Published on 10.05.2018

The US court has charged with fraud the ex-head of Volkswagen

Published on 04.05.2018

Quarterly profit of General Motors fell 2.6 times

Published on 26.04.2018