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Uber closed the department for the development of unmanned trucks

Business, Uber, USA

The American company Uber, which launched the eponymous service for calling a taxi, curtailed the development of unmanned trucks, CNN reported citing Uber Advanced Technologies Group head Eric Mayhofer.
According to him, now all the efforts of the company to create drones will concern only cars. Mayhofer also called the concentration on such developments "the best way" for the energy and skills of the company's employees. Uber refused to name the number of employees who will be affected by the refusal to develop unmanned trucks.

The company set about creating an unmanned cargo car after it bought in 2016 a start-up Otto, engaged in developments in this area. The tests were carried out in Pittsburgh, California and Arizona.

In March Uber Uberine shot down a woman in Arizona to death. According to the report of the National Council on US Transportation Security, for 1.3 seconds before the collision the car was able to determine that it was necessary to use emergency brakes, but this could not be done - this system was disabled. In this case, the driver, who was sitting in the Uber in case of unforeseen situations, pressed the brake pedal after the collision.

After the incident, Uber suspended the tests of unmanned vehicles and reported that it would no longer conduct tests in Arizona. As CNN notes, now drones are tested under the full control of drivers.