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The founder of Papa John's after resignation sued the company

Business, USA

The founder of the Papa John's pizzeria network, John Schnatter, sued the Delaware State Court for his former company and the board of directors of the pizzeria network, CNN reported.
Schnatter believes that his former colleagues treated him "inexplicably and cruelly" after "a publication that falsely accused him of racial insults." He demands to oblige the company to provide him with all the documents that are relevant to his dismissal as chairman of the company's board of directors.

According to the text of the statement of claim quoted by CNN, the members of the board of directors forced the founder of Papa John's to resign and "either acted in conditions of lack of information, or planned the coup in advance, or both." To check this, Schnatter wants to access the correspondence between the directors, as well as to any records that recorded the essence of the discussions on which he was not present.

Representatives of the board of directors of the pizzeria deny accusations against them, and the claim of Schnatter was called "sad and disappointing."

John Schnatter left the board of directors of his network of Papa John's pizzerias on July 12 because of accusations of racism. Even earlier, in December 2017, he was forced to depart from the daily management of the company

Schnatter's reputation suffered after information was leaked to the press that at one of his meetings with his marketing staff, he pronounced an insulting word for African Americans for the letter "n," CNN writes.

Sam Schnatter said that he really used the word, but only at that moment he parodied the speech of Colonel Sanders, the founder and symbol of another fast food chain, KFC.

In addition, Schnatter was criticized for opposing the leadership of the US National Football League (NFL), whose official sponsor is Papa John's.

In his opinion, the NFL should have reacted to the behavior of players before the matches. Many players, in protest at President Donald Trump's political course and police violence against the blacks, refused to listen to the US anthem before the game, standing on the field, and instead bowed to one knee. Schnatter called the leadership of the league "weak", and the actions of the players - "severing the country" and the customers of the pizzeria. The

Against the background of the scandal, the pizzeria refused to use the image of Schnatter in promotional materials and commercials.

After his resignation as head of the board of directors, Schnatter said he regrets his resignation. He still owns about 30% of the network, CNN specifies.