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Bild learned about the "diesel scandal" with 60 thousand cars Opel

Business, Germany

The Federal Motor Transport Agency of Germany has revealed an excess of the permissible level of pollutants in the exhausts of some diesel models Opel (owned by Groupe PSA, Peugeot Citroën Automobiles .- RBC) told Bild an unnamed source.
Some cars switched off the system, which monitors the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases, and the amount of nitric oxide in them is ten times higher than the permissible values.

Infringements are revealed at 60 thousand diesel versions of models Cascada, Insigna and Zafira, 10 thousand from them are in Germany. The interlocutor of the edition added that the cars produced now have no such problems.

In the Opel edition said that their engines comply with the legal norms.

In June, another German carmaker, Volkswagen (VW), was fined for hiding the level of emissions of harmful substances, the court of Braunschweig ordered the company to pay € 1 billion. The investigation began after in 2015 the US authorities accused VW of manipulating data on diesel engine emissions, the company pleaded guilty.