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The status of a safe harbor may hinder the economy of Switzerland
Financy, Switzerland
Trade conflicts create the risk of a strong strengthening of the franc.
Uber closed the department for the development of unmanned trucks
Business, Uber, USA
The American company Uber, which launched the eponymous service for calling a taxi, curtailed the development of unmanned trucks, CNN reported citing Uber Advanced Technologies Group head Eric Mayhofer.
FT told about the risk for Apple devices because of the Trump trade war
Apple, Finance
Apple's fastest growing sector, which includes smart watches Apple Watch, HomePod speakers and AirPods headphones, is in danger of suffering from the latest offer of US President Donald Trump to introduce 10-percent duties on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion.
The founder of Papa John's after resignation sued the company
Business, USA
The founder of the Papa John's pizzeria network, John Schnatter, sued the Delaware State Court for his former company and the board of directors of the pizzeria network, CNN reported.
Twitter shares fell after Facebook
Business, Facebook, Twitter
Shares of the social network Twitter traded on the New York Stock Exchange at around $ 35.54 as of 17:20 Moscow time, a drop of 17.23%. The closing price on Thursday was $ 42.94, on Friday the trades opened at $ 37.25.
Zuckerberg lost almost $ 17 billion due to the quarterly Facebook report
Facebook, Finance
The publication of the quarterly report and negative forecasts of analysts led to a collapse in the value of Facebook shares, writes MarcetWatch. The financial losses of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, according to Bloomberg, may amount to almost $ 17 billion.
The buyer of the lottery ticket in the US won $ 522 million
Finance, USA
The American lottery Mega Millions announced that the buyer of the winning lottery ticket in California became the owner of the $ 522 million jackpot. This is reported on the official website of the lottery.
Nestle finally lost its monopoly on the shape of the KitKat bars
Business, EU, Switzerland
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) rejected the appeal of the Swiss company Nestle to the decision of the European Court of General Jurisdiction, which annulled in 2016 the registration of the form of chocolate bars KitKat as a trademark. The corresponding decision is published on the ECJ website.
European Commission fined four machinery manufacturers for € 111 million
EU, Finance
The European Commission fined € 111 million four manufacturers of equipment - Asus (China), Denon & Marantz (Japan), Pioneer (Japan) and Philips (Netherlands) - for violation of antimonopoly legislation. This is reported on the EC website.
A large Chinese pharmaceutical company was accused of producing substandard drugs
Business, China
The Chinese pharmaceutical industry was at the center of a major scandal. China's Food and Drug Administration has launched an investigation into the pharmaceutical company Changsheng Biotechnology, demanding that the production of rabies vaccine be suspended at the same time.