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US Supreme Court Recognizes Merck's Gilead Claim for $ 200 Million Insolvent

Business, Gilead, Merck, USA

The US Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Merck, which for two years tried to prove that Gilead violated its patents for the drugs Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and Harvoni (ledipasvir + sofosbuvir), and demanded compensation of $ 200 million.
The above-mentioned amount in March 2016 was appointed for payment to the right holder of the California jury. However, he then revised this decision, deciding that Merck used in patenting Sovaldi and Harvoni confidential information obtained from the company Pharmasset, which Gilead acquired in 2011.

Merck tried to obtain compensation for two years, until January 7, 2019, the US Supreme Court did not make a final decision on this patent dispute, rejecting Merck's appeal.

On the same day, the US Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Gilead, which tried to challenge the use of counterfeit raw materials for the production of Emtriva (emtricitabine), Truvada (tenofovir + emtricitabine) and Atripla (tenofovir + emtritstabin + efavirenz), which was allegedly incriminated. In 2015, Gilead imported a Chinese substance to the USA under the guise of raw materials produced in South Korea, which two former employees of the company Jeff and Sherilyn Kemp confessed to the court.

In 2015, the US District Court twice rejected claims of regulators against Gilead, but in 2017, when the appellate court found the testimony of former employees of the company plausible, the case was resumed.

Merck Sharp is an American pharmaceutical company established in 1891 and specializing in innovative prescription drugs, vaccines and biologics. In 2017, Merck's revenue was $ 44.12 billion, net profit - $ 2.56 billion.

Gilead Sciences is an American biopharmaceutical company whose main activity is the development and research of drugs against HIV and hepatitis. The revenue of the company, which gives work to more than 5 thousand employees, in 2017 amounted to $ 26.1 billion, profit - $ 4.62 billion.

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