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Trump announced the readiness of the EU to build 11 ports for receiving gas from the US

Economy, EU, Trump

During the joint press conference of Donald Trump with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the leaders of the two countries were asked about the supply of energy resources to Italy.
Conte on this topic said that he had discussed with the American president the idea of ​​the Trans-Adriatic pipeline. "I stressed that the strategic task is to ensure the supply of energy resources to Italy and the countries of Southern Europe," said Conte.

Trump, commenting on the situation, said that the US is ready to create an alternative. "We have already discussed with the EU authorities the issue of the construction of 9-11 ports in Europe, which will receive American liquefied gas," the US president said.

At the same time, Trump stressed that Europeans will pay for the construction of ports.

The press conference was broadcast also on the official channel of the CBS News channel on YouTube.

On July 27, Trump, after talks with the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, stated that the EU would buy liquefied gas from the United States.

In mid-July, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the US administration's attacks on the Nord Stream-2 project are attempts to force Europeans to purchase more expensive liquefied gas from the United States.

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin said that buyers should have the right to make decisions about the preferences for them of a particular source of gas. At the same time, Peskov noted the actual absence of real gas from Russian gas.

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