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Scammers in the Czech Republic have learned to make money on renting cars

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Tourists and guests of the Czech Republic should now be very careful when renting cars. Medical Esthetic faced a completely new scheme when renting a car from Prague-based company AKRA broker s.r.o.
The car was ordered through the site aggregator Easy (Autopůjčovna Praha).

As Natalya Markova, Director of Medical Esthetic, said, “we rented a Skoda car for three days for a trip from Prague to Bratislava for four people. Rent should have been 6000Kč, the guarantee for a car was 31000Kč. All details of the trip were agreed in advance with the director of AKRA broker s.r.o Antonin Kral (Antonin Kral). However, AKRA broker did everything not to return the deposit. And the car cost us 23000Kč in three days!"

Immediately before signing the lease agreement, AKRA broker s.r.o aggravated the situation, tried to change the terms of the lease several times. At the last moment, it became clear that payment can be made only in cash. And when the Medical Esthetic manager came to the salon for the car, AKRA broker put out an 8-page lease agreement in small print, which we had to sign, since there was no time left to search for another car.

The deed of transfer included a clause stating that a rented car can travel no more than one hundred kilometers (!) Per day, and every kilometer above the limit costs an additional 10Kč (!!). Although the manager of AKRA broker s.r.o was well aware that the car would go to Bratislava and claimed that the daily limit is 1200 kilometers. In addition, inside the car, according to AKRA broker, there was a counter that measured every speeding over the entire journey from Prague to Bratislava. This paragraph cannot be checked at all, because no one has seen this counter, speed limits AKRA broker installed independently, and there are no official radar data on this account.

Medical Esthetic intends to sue AKRA broker s.r.o. The prospects for this lawsuit are vague since the company has signed this clearly fraudulent contract. But we would like to make this case public and warn future customers of AKRA broker s.r.o.

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