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iPhone will introduce a new reality

high tech, Science, USA

In 2019, Apple can present the iPhone with a new technology of augmented reality.
This is reported by Bloomberg, citing its own sources. Apple wants to introduce special 3D sensors into the smartphone. Existing tools of augmented reality - for example, Apple's own project ARKit - well define flat surfaces (walls, doors or windows), but do not perceive the volume and depth of objects. But the 3D sensor on the back of the phone will help correct these shortcomings, writes Bloomberg.

Bloomberg illustrates the technology this way: today, if a virtual tiger is in the application behind a real chair, the chair is still displayed behind the animal and destroys the illusion. And the new sensor sensors will create a three-dimensional picture of the environment with the help of infrared rays. The sensors will measure the time required to return the rays when reflected from objects, and recreate the landscape.

Now the company is exploring various technologies similar to those used to identify users of the iPhone X. When identified, 30,000 laser dots are projected onto the user, from which a three-dimensional model of the person's face is created. This technology should remain in the new phone - sensor sensors will be on both panels of the smartphone. The company, according to interlocutors Bloomberg, is already negotiating with potential suppliers of the new system. Among them are Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics, Panasonic and Sony. A representative of the latter on October 25 announced sensory sensors "one of the key areas of development for the company's business" (quoted by Bloomberg). However, the development of the idea of ​​three-dimensional sensors in Apple has just begun, perhaps it will not enter the final version of the iPhone.

While the smartphone can use 3D sensors only in gaming applications, Eldar Murtazin, leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, points out. However, the popularity of virtual reality itself is growing every year, he continues, and today more than 100 million people use it in the world with different devices. Perhaps Apple will be able to expand the audience, but hardly much, Murtazin estimates. He adds that the only project of Apple in this environment - ARKit - is not very popular.

To recruit people to work on projects of augmented reality, Apple began a few years ago, Bloomberg wrote in March. According to the agency, now the team has grown to several hundred engineers.