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China complained to the WTO on the new customs duties of the United States

China, Economy, USA

China on July 16 filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on new fees, which the US proposed to introduce against Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion, reports Reuters referring to the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC.
Earlier, the department issued a harsh criticism of the decision to impose duties. "This is absolutely unacceptable, and we express our strong protest," the ministry said in a statement. Washington's plans to introduce additional duties on a new group of Chinese export goods infringe upon the rights of the PRC, harm the world economy and the US itself, noted in Beijing.

The report said that China was shocked by the "irrational" act of the United States and immediately filed a complaint with the WTO. "We call on the international community to jointly defend the rules of free trade and support the world trade system. We will immediately file a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) about unilateral decisions of the United States, "the report said.

On the preparation of a new list of goods from China, which will be introduced duties in 10%, Washington announced on July 10. Under the tariff restrictions should be Chinese goods worth about $ 200 billion According to US Trade Representative Robert Lightheather, duties became Washington's response to "China's inability to change its behavior." "This is the proper response in accordance with section 301 of the Trade Act aimed at eliminating harm from China's industrial policy," he explained.

At the same time, the official specified that "China's inability to change its behavior" implies that Beijing does not react to US actions and insists that the United States does not suffer any damage from Chinese trade policy. "Instead of taking into account our legitimate concerns, China has begun to pursue a policy of retaliation against American goods," Lightheiser said. Thus, he commented on the tariff restrictions imposed by China last week on the supply of American products.

On July 10, Switzerland applied to the WTO with a complaint about US duties on steel and aluminum. "From the perspective of Switzerland, the additional duties that, according to the US, were introduced to protect national security, are unfounded," the Confederation Ministry of Economics stated.

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Prior to this, seven WTO members had already begun proceedings against US duties. Russia, India, the European Union, Canada, Mexico and Norway, as well as China, appealed to the organization with a complaint about the introduction of the US total import duties on steel and aluminum.