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US raised tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from the EU, Canada and Mexico
Economy, EU, Trade, USA
The US will extend its protective duties on imports of steel and aluminum to the largest suppliers - the EU countries, Canada and Mexico, the US White House said on Thursday.
IMF: Friction with the US is a risk to China's economic growth
China, Economy, USA
Trade frictions with the US are a risk of slowing growth for the Chinese economy, said on Wednesday the senior representative of the International Monetary Fund in China, Alfred Shipka.
Trump named the date of introduction of duties on Chinese goods at $ 50 billion
China, Economy, Trump, USA
In June, the US will introduce 25 percent customs duties on goods imported from China for a total of $ 50 billion. This decision was taken by President Donald Trump, the White House said.
In Estonia was reelected the chairman of the council of the Central Bank
Economy, Estonia
The Estonian Parliament supported the re-election of Mart Laar as the chairman of the Council of the Central Bank of the Republic.
The political situation in Italy caused fear of a new debt crisis in the eurozone
Economy, EU, Italy
Markets on Tuesday were subject to fluctuations due to the fact that investors analyzed the Italian political crisis, which, according to some, could become a threat to the European single currency.
The EU can plan to cut Eastern Europe's financing by € 37 billion
Economy, EU
The European Commission plans in 2021-2027 to reduce the funding of Central and Eastern European countries, in particular Poland and Hungary, by € 37 billion, by sending these funds to Greece, Italy and Spain.
The Chinese authorities are forced to lower the cost of memory and SSD
China, Economy
The Antitrust Bureau of the Ministry of Trade of China held a meeting with representatives of Micron Technology, the US semiconductor manufacturer, best known for its DRAM and NAND memory chips, solid state drives (SSDs), and CMOS sensors.
The US plans to obtain from China long-term contracts for the import of energy resources
China, Economy, USA
Washington is seeking from Beijing long-term contracts for the import of energy resources and agricultural products in order to reduce the deficit in trade with China.
Gold fell against the background of hopes for a meeting of us and North Korean leaders
Economy, Gold, North Korea, USA
Gold prices on Monday declined for the second consecutive session on the back of a weakening of political tension caused by renewed hopes for the meeting of US President Donald Trump with the leader of North Korea.
Oil prices fall by more than 1% amid unexpected growth in US inventories
Economy, USA
World oil prices are significantly reduced on Thursday afternoon, continuing to win back data on the unexpected growth in US stocks of raw materials, according to trade data.