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OPEC + participants allow easing the terms of the agreement with increasing production
Economy, Oil, OPEC
Representatives of the countries that are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporters (OPEC) and a number of states that participated in the agreement on limiting oil production (OPEC +) are discussing a compromise solution to mitigate the terms of the deal.
Venezuela can start refining foreign oil
Economy, Oil, OPEC, Venezuela
Venezuela is studying the issue of refining oil from other countries at its refineries (refineries).
Trump accused OPEC of inflating prices for oil
Economy, Oil, OPEC, Trump
President of the United States Donald Trump in his Twitter commented on the situation in the oil market: "Oil prices are too high. OPEC again took up the old. Not good".
OPEC has refuted the US request to increase oil production
Economy, OPEC, USA
The US did not ask OPEC to increase oil production due to rising raw material prices due to sanctions against Iran and the situation in Venezuela.
China introduced an anti-dumping reservation for the import of Brazilian chicken meat
Brazil, China, Economy
The Chinese authorities, following a 10-month study of the poultry industry, decided to impose temporary anti- dumping deposits on the supply of chicken from Brazil to protect Chinese producers.
The World Bank will provide China with a loan of $ 600 million
China, Economy
The World Bank will provide China with a loan of $ 600 million to improve the country's water resources management system.
Eurofer was told about the problems with steel imports to the EU due to US duties
Economy, EU, USA
The situation with the possibility of increasing steel imports to the EU due to new US duties is very worrying, the president of the European association in the sphere of steel Eurofer, Hert van Poelvoorde (Geert Van Poelvoorde) said at a press conference.
The US and Chinese ZTE signed an agreement on the removal of restrictions
China, Economy, USA
The United States reached an agreement on Thursday with the Chinese telecommunications corporation ZTE to lift restrictions on doing business with US companies.
China can increase the supply from the US by $ 70 billion when Trump refuses duties
China, Economy, USA
The Chinese authorities are ready to buy agricultural products and energy resources in the US for $ 70 billion in exchange for Washington's refusal to introduce duties.
The World Bank described the scenario of a new global recession
The immediate prospects of the world economy are encouraging - about half of all countries in the world experience an acceleration of economic growth, but beyond the horizon of 2019 everything looks more alarming.