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10 global trends in green energy
Business, Ecology, Economic
Electricity from renewable sources is becoming cheaper and more affordable, more and more new capacities are being introduced, but in the battle for attracting investments, green energy is still losing to the traditional one, analysts at REN21 say.
How eco bans harm business
Business, Ecology, Society
Responsible New York restaurateurs, abandoning plastic tubes, faced a sudden problem: customers began to take home metal counterparts. Bloomberg journalist explains why bans won't help change consumer behavior.
Overview of the global robotics market
Business, Science, Technology
The global market for robots is tens of billions of dollars, and it is growing many times faster than the global economy. Sberbank analysts assessed the main directions and trends of its development.
Facebook and Google steal brains from Europe
American companies are buying European high-tech startups.
Green energy will help businesses in the era of innovation
One of the most important factors in building an innovative business is a thoughtful energy policy, analysts at Centrica are sure. Energy should not be treated as a cost, but as a valuable asset that will play an important role in the future.
Amsterdam is fed up with other data's
City authorities have limited the construction of data centers.
American retail goes online
Physical stores in the United States began to close twice as often.
How are people treated in Dubai Healthcare City
15 years ago, the Dubai Healthcare City Free Economic Zone (DHCC) was created. Now in this cluster 4,1 thousand expats are occupied - physicians, managers and other specialists. Each year, the DHCC serves more than 1.2 million people, including 180 thousand medical tourists.
How is the american health care budget being filled and spent
“Everyone got used to the fact that the American health care system is in disarray. We are dumb with huge bills and consider high prices to be the inevitable burden of Americans, ”the famous New York journalist Elizabeth Rosenthal remarked in her preamble to her bestseller American Sickness.
Scammers in the Czech Republic have learned to make money on renting cars
Business, Czech Republic, Scammers
Tourists and guests of the Czech Republic should now be very careful when renting cars. Medical Esthetic faced a completely new scheme when renting a car from Prague-based company AKRA broker s.r.o.