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Plastic surgeon Alexander Fadin: “Doctors learn all their life”
Beauty, Cosmetology, Czech Republic, Medicine
In July of this year, the Russian Ministry of Health again proposed tightening control over plastic surgery clinics. About what is happening with the industry in a state of constant checks, what are the differences between the Russian school of plastic surgery, and why doctors are studying anatomical courses, Plastic surgeon, Ph.D. Alexander Fadin, told our magazine.
Found a method of measuring permafrost from space
Science, Space, Technology
A group of scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Water and Environmental Problems of the SB RAS and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology proposed a method for determining the depth of freezing of soil using satellite microwave radiometry.
A mineral that helps breathe and live
Health, Medicine, Science
The effects of pleural effusion were reduced with foamed talcum powder.
Found a way to organize the greenhouse effect on Mars
Science, Space, Technology
The surface of Mars can be adapted for life with quite specific means: using a material called silica airgel (a substance related to that which is poured into bags to absorb moisture) you can artificially create a greenhouse effect in its atmosphere.
How to cope with a brain tumor
Glioma, Medicine
In the world has developed new ways to combat gliomas.
In Russia, developed a cocktail of jellyfish
The drink has the usual taste of fruit juice, but is enriched with antioxidants.
Svetlana Larkina: "The future is for biotechnology"
Cosmetology, EU, Medicine
In our ever-changing world, the field of aesthetic medicine is developing especially rapidly. Every day there are new cosmetic methods and their combinations. Svetlana Larkina, the chief physician of the Center for Intensive Cosmetology and Anti-Age Therapy, told our media, how to remain a sought-after doctor.
How Australia wins prostate cancer
Australia, Cancer, Medicine
Michael Hoffman, a professor and nuclear medicine expert at Peter McCallum Oncocenter, spoke about how close Australia is to replication of theranostication of prostate cancer.
Why Dr. Hood's revolutionary 4P concept is alien to advanced American medicine
Insurance, Medicine, Science, USA
The United States is considered the country with the most advanced system of preventive medicine. State insurance includes here a large-scale layer of preventive measures - from traditional vaccinations to screenings for depression and obesity.
Olga Zhukova: “Cosmetologists go to anatomical courses in Prague consciously”
Cosmetology, EU, Medicine
The branch of aesthetic medicine in recent years has been developing so rapidly that cosmetologists are forced to constantly improve their skills. For example, company Medical Esthetic has been conducting anatomical courses for cosmetologists for many years, in Prague.