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Nanofat grafting — a new regeneration method of the skin, subcutaneous fat and extracellular matrix.
In July of this year, the Russian Ministry of Health again proposed tightening control over plastic surgery clinics. About what is happening with the industry in a state of constant checks, what are the differences between the Russian school of plastic surgery, and why doctors are studying anatomical courses, Plastic surgeon, Ph.D. Alexander Fadin, told our magazine.
Electricity from renewable sources is becoming cheaper and more affordable, more and more new capacities are being introduced, but in the battle for attracting investments, green energy is still losing to the traditional one, analysts at REN21 say.
Stories that Bitcoin is difficult to withdraw and nothing to spend on are not relevant for a long time. Today, digital coins have become an everyday payment tool, and people of different professions around the world receive rewards in cryptocurrency for work.
Responsible New York restaurateurs, abandoning plastic tubes, faced a sudden problem: customers began to take home metal counterparts. Bloomberg journalist explains why bans won't help change consumer behavior.
A group of scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Water and Environmental Problems of the SB RAS and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology proposed a method for determining the depth of freezing of soil using satellite microwave radiometry.
The global market for robots is tens of billions of dollars, and it is growing many times faster than the global economy. Sberbank analysts assessed the main directions and trends of its development.
The basic principles of care and the secrets of choosing a beard shape are described by the founder of the Barber Expert Academy and Wall Street hairdresser Sergey Rudnitsky.
The effects of pleural effusion were reduced with foamed talcum powder.
We call five important reasons not to be a workaholic and to fight for your rest with all our might.
Predicting behavior too much - too many factors affecting its course. However, one can learn to recognize trading signals and determine the most optimal moments for entering the cryptnok.
The head of the British tea company Newby Teas Nirmal Kumar Sethiya - about the quality of tea, varieties worth millions of dollars and the relationship between tea and osteoporosis.
Lack of positive emotions, bad weather, stress at work interfere with sleep and recovery in a good mood. We tell what solutions can change this.
A pronounced vascular mesh on the face and body, which cosmetics manufacturers often call couperose, is a fairly common problem. The fact is that millions of tiny capillaries supply our skin with blood, and for various reasons some of them can expand, grow and become visible. In other words, they begin to cope poorly with their function.
Specialists at Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University have reached a new stage in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). If earlier he had already defeated people in games such as chess and go, where strategic thinking is required, now the Pluribus bot they have created has defeated professional poker players. The computer not only calculated possible situations, but also deceived rivals when he had to bluff.
American companies are buying European high-tech startups.
The surface of Mars can be adapted for life with quite specific means: using a material called silica airgel (a substance related to that which is poured into bags to absorb moisture) you can artificially create a greenhouse effect in its atmosphere.
One of the most important factors in building an innovative business is a thoughtful energy policy, analysts at Centrica are sure. Energy should not be treated as a cost, but as a valuable asset that will play an important role in the future.
City authorities have limited the construction of data centers.
Physical stores in the United States began to close twice as often.